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This just in from Publishers Clearing House

Don’t know about the rest of the world, but I receive opportunities to win various sweepstakes through regular mail and email.  Of course they always want you to purchase something but your entry is accepted anyway.  Just waiting to win one of these days (I can always hope).

Well, a few weeks ago they had an offer to buy a sharpening stone.  The deal was, buy one get one free, and the price seemed to be worth it.  The total cost with shipping and handling was $17.95 (about $9 per stone).  I have been shopping for a bigger sharpening stone since the ones I have are designed to fit in the little pocket on the knives sheath.

Here are the specifics of the stone:

5 and 7/8 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick

It is a “Diamond Brand” stone and comes in a plastic holder complete with cover.  The holder is designed so that it can be mounted to a work surface if needed.  I am not a knife wizard or “expert” when it comes to sharpening knives, but I do have enough ability to put a decent enough edge on one.

I put this stone to work on a double edged knife that I picked up somewhere.  It is a decent enough knife, just came from an abusive and non caring owner.  Very dull, although with the point on it, it could do damage straight on.  As far as slicing and dicing, you would be better off using a butter knife.

After about 2 hours of work, please remember that I am in no way a knife sharpening guru, I have developed a fairly fine edge on it (the knife).  Therefore I am quite pleased with what I received from PCH.  I would recommend this sharpening stone for anyone interested in being able to keep a decent edge on their cutting utensils.

Now if I can just win the big sweepstakes from PCH, but until I do I will continue to peruse their specials and continue entering.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am.


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