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The Gun Tool has arrived

Putting the tool to work was great.  Everything I needed was right in my hand.  I was able to adjust the rear sight of my 1911 (although a hammer and punch was needed to slide the rear sight into the desired position).

The true use of most of the components of the Gun Tool came with my TC Encore.  I was able to take it completely apart, including scope and mount and put it back together again.  Not something I will do all the time of course.

This tool has replaced a small packet of tools about the size of a pencil box that I usually carry in my range bag.  Now I can carry it on my belt.

Overall I was very pleased with the performance of this tool.  Now to see what else I can get my hands on to test and work with.  Until next time.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

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