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Supposed collector grade knife

I am a life time member of the North American Hunting Club.  They are the ones that got me set up with through which I had the opportunity to test the Dead On targets and the Gun Tool.

NAHC also sends me invites to check out products for purchase.  You know the deal, preview this product and if you decide to keep it, send us x amount of dollars.  Sometimes these previews come with some nice items that are mine to keep, whether I keep the product or not.

Recently I just previewed a “collector” grade knife, with sheath, along with a picture of a nice display case that would be mailed at a later date.  This case would hold all 8 of the knives that they would send, hoping I would keep them.  Well, they hoped wrong.

Now let’s start with what I did like when the package arrived:

T-shirt, white in color, with a colorful logo/picture on the front  – who can’t use an extra t-shirt or two.

Small, leatherman-like, tool, about 3 inches long when fully closed  – knife blade needs sharpening (but no biggie), and the pliers and screw driver parts work pretty good.  Not a giant tool, but something handy for small jobs – and who doesn’t have them popping up everywhere?

Now for the main item, the one that is going to cost, the one they hope will lead to purchasing the other 7 knives in the set.

The knife, a gut-hook, drop point, non-folder, was disappointing, and here is why:

1.  First thing, stamped right on the blade near the hilt are the words “Made in China” – was hoping for “Made in USA”

2.  Brass finish on hilt, and pitted

3.  Stag handle – while it might be actual bone, not collector quality enough for me

4.  Blade – this is the fun part – unevenly ground edge, 1/4 inch on one side tapering to about 1/16th inch near the tip of the blade.  The other side wavered from 1/8th inch to 1/16th inch from hilt to tip.  As far as being sharp, the gut hook was extremely sharp, while the blade itself was rough and dull.

Ultimately I mailed the knife back, which cost $6.95 but figure with the nice t-shirt and mini multi-tool I came out ahead.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

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