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Pure Gun Talk

Looking for Pure Gun Talk?  Look no further.

As you can see, I frequent a lot of forums.  Most are survival related with guns thrown in the mix.  Pure Gun Talk is just guns.  We talk about what we have/wish to have, what we like/dislike, what others like and suggestions for those that are looking for what to have and like for themselves.

Bill has set up a simple site (well setting one up isn’t really simple, but …) for those that wish to simply talk and help others that have questions.  Recently a Reloading section has been added for those interested in starting (as I am doing) to reload, advice for those that have questions and as time goes on – swapping secrets (maybe), likes/dislikes concerning dies and what not.

Stop by and give Pure Gun Talk a look, maybe I’ll see you there:

Have a blessed day, I certainly am.

SSG Nasty

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