Yes, I am referring to the cosmetics company called AVON.  I have no problems with this company, my wife is a representative and it does give us a little wiggle room concerning finances.

This post, in keeping in tune with what Nasty’s Corner is all about, is about their microwave popcorn popper.  It was only out for one or two campaigns (meaning that the item was only available in one or two of the little books that reps pass out).  My wife was able to order one before they hit the streets, so to speak.  Unfortunately, due to feedback from customers, it was pulled from the shelf/book.

It appears that the container gets to hot to handle.  Well, here goes my take on the product.

The cooker requires no oil and a quarter cup of kernels will fill the container about 3/4′s full.  The top is ventilated and you can place a slab of butter on top and your end result will, of course, be buttered popcorn.

Here is my routine:

1.  Put 1/4 cup of kernels (I like Orville Reddenbachers) in container and snap on lid.

2.  Put one tablespoon of butter in center of lid (I use the stick butter because it has the markings on the wrapper)

3.  Put in microwave, shut door, and set timer for 4 minutes.

This is the tricky part:

4.  Hang around the microwave because around the 1 minute 30 second time frame it will be time to stop the microwave and pull your popcorn out.  Otherwise it will burn and possibly catch fire.  This is where I believe some of the consumer issues are.  The other issue, the main one reported, is when you reach into the microwave and grab the container.

Warning:  Grabbing a container that has been in the microwave for @1 minute or longer is going to be HOT!  Which is why I have a towel close by and I use it to remove microwaved items.

Now to continue with my routine:

5.  Repeat steps 1 – 4

6.  Repeat steps 1 – 4

7.  Repeat steps 1 – 4

Yep, you guessed right, I have just spent about 20 minutes popping popcorn.

8.  Sit down in your favorite chair, turn on one of your favorite movies or your favorite TV shows and munch popcorn ’til your heart’s content.

Now to summarize my usage and testing of the AVON Microwave Popcorn Bowl:

The product worked amazingly well.  If I could, I would recommend it to you.  Well, actually, I do recommend it to you.

Just be careful and diligent when using it.  Safety, Safety, Safety.

If I were to give this a star rating like some products have, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.  To get a 5 out of 5 it would have to do all the work itself and magically appear in my lap while I browse the TV/Movie guide.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

This little gem is a Microwave Popcorn Bowl, recently available through AVON.  Due to complanints and concerns it is no longer available.

This little gem is a Microwave Popcorn Bowl, recently available through AVON. Due to complanints and concerns it is no longer available.

This is the 4th batch within about 20 minutes.

This is the 4th batch within about 20 minutes.


And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the story of the AVON Microwave Popcorn Popper

Forums and Some People

This is written mainly as a “I know you know this” type of entry.

It has become quite apparent that some people view situations differently than other people do.  Shoot, you probably wouldn’t have to go any further than your spouse or significant other to prove this point.

Recently I have been accused of the following:

The opinion is, you are a Statist and an Oath breaker, no better than the ones who handed the guns over in Fast n Furious.

You agree with removing the rights of American Citizens for Safety.  This accusation being made in reference to what recently happened in Boston with the “lock down” of the city and surrounding areas.

The opinion that goes with that is, you’re on Obama’s side, and not the side of free Americans.  Basically a summary and the assumption that since I don’t agree with my accuser’s politics, then I must be an Obama supporter, because “free Americans” are not Obama supporters.

Just a few definitions to help clear things up:

Statist – The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy.

Now let us look at this a little.  We have a centralized government that has been given control over these items.  Our Constitution has given them this control.

Granted lately our illustrious leaders have been attempting to overstep their boundaries, and have been denied in most cases.  Although, unfortunately some states have been getting really stupid concerning the rights of citizens to bear arms, for instance.

So I guess that I could be a Statist in reference to giving a centralized government control of planning and policy.  After all, is that not why we put them in office for in the first place?  But how much control should they be allowed to have?  That is a fight that I am intent in fighting.  Yes, they have control, but the Constitution limits that control and we as citizens need to keep the government from going over those limits.

Oath breaker -

Apparently I have been mistaken for a book.  But I am pretty sure, that in the individuals twisted mind, that what was meant was that I was no longer an Oath Keeper.

Oath Keeper – Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT “just follow orders.”

Well, sorry, but I have been an Oath Keeper longer than some have been alive.  Because I don’t belong to the Oath Keeper organization (http://oathkeepers.org/oath/) I do believe in their cause.  But believe what you want, because after all, this is America and you are free to have whatever opinion you desire.

In essence, this all comes from an individual who has never seen or talked to me face to face, over a meal or over a cup of coffee.  Their information is based solely on the fact that they disagree with an opinion I had over the use of drones and whether or not I agreed with them concerning a recent encounter between between a Master Sgt and police near Temple, Texas.  Suffice it to say, they also believe that people in this country illegally have the same rights under the Constitution that American Citizens have.  This also gives credit to their so called misunderstanding of who I am.

As I close, remember:  I frequent many sites, as listed in my Blog Roll, and consider some of them above average as far as member mentality goes.  I am also a firm believer of keeping my friends close, and my guns closer.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Dan’s Depot Part II

Today I received my Silva Polaris Compass from Dan’s Depot.  SwampCat8 was sponsoring a giveaway for 5 of these little gems courtesy of Dan’s Depot.  My thanks go out to SwampCat8 and Dan’s Depot.

If you haven’t checked out Dan’s Depot yet, all I can say is click on the link below and get busy:


Here are pics of my latest addition to Nasty’s Corner:

Well, what have we here?  Probably need to open it to be sure, but I do believe it is a Silva Polaris Compass.  So should I thank SwampCat now, or wait?

Well, what have we here? Probably need to open it to be sure, but I do believe it is a Silva Polaris Compass. So should I thank SwampCat now, or wait?

Yep, that's what it is.  Thanks SwampCat and Dan's Depot.

Yep, that’s what it is. Thanks SwampCat and Dan’s Depot.






























Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Dan’s Depot

Here is another forum that I have had the opportunity of becoming a part of.  They are a very giving bunch of guys and gals.  Many contests pop up with various items to win.


The forum is quite active and free of drama.  Look it over and see if maybe this is a place to call home.  I believe that you will be pleased with what you see.

Here is the result of one of their contests:

Package from SafetyDude has arrived

Package from SafetyDude has arrived

The blue handled med kit shears

The blue handled med kit shears



















Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

I like pizza.  I have tried all the store frozen brands and the pizza houses here – Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesar’s, Hungry Howie’s and some others that I forget the names of.  We have a lot of different pizza places around here with a wide range of prices, so I was kind of skeptical of this new place called “Papa Murphy’s.”

I have been watching their commercials and thinking about giving them a shot.  The main problem I had was whether I was going to take one bite of an $11 pizza and decide that even my dog would turn his nose up at it.  We have one close to our house so it’s not a long drive to pick one up or to pick one up on the way home.  This one is located at 5150 W. Olive in Glendale.

Well, my darling wife calls me while I am on my way home from work and says she has a coupon for a free Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza.  She asks if I want her to pick one up on her way home?  The coupon was for a large, one topping pizza, so she picks up a Canadian bacon one for me.

Heat the oven to 450 degrees and 18 minutes later I bite into this pizza.  Well, I definitely will not be sharing any with Bandit (my Australian Shepherd/Akita mix).  The pizza was great!  The pizza came out with a great crispy crust and the toppings (sauce, cheese and bacon) were good too.  Oh and this was a LARGE pizza.  Not the large I was used to getting at other places.  Be interesting to look at one of their family size pizzas.

I’ve had my eye on their Cowboy Pizza and now I will definitely pick up one of them.

Don’t take this as a slight or slam against any store bought or pizza house brand.  Everyone has something they swear by and will only eat that particular brand.  If you are looking to try something new – Papa Murphy’s is worth a shot, in my book.  You may not like it, but you won’t know if you don’t try.  Shoot, if I could I would see about picking up a couple hundred coupons and handing them out to people on the street.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Supposed collector grade knife

I am a life time member of the North American Hunting Club.  They are the ones that got me set up with www.stuffstuff.com through which I had the opportunity to test the Dead On targets and the Gun Tool.

NAHC also sends me invites to check out products for purchase.  You know the deal, preview this product and if you decide to keep it, send us x amount of dollars.  Sometimes these previews come with some nice items that are mine to keep, whether I keep the product or not.

Recently I just previewed a “collector” grade knife, with sheath, along with a picture of a nice display case that would be mailed at a later date.  This case would hold all 8 of the knives that they would send, hoping I would keep them.  Well, they hoped wrong.

Now let’s start with what I did like when the package arrived:

T-shirt, white in color, with a colorful logo/picture on the front  – who can’t use an extra t-shirt or two.

Small, leatherman-like, tool, about 3 inches long when fully closed  – knife blade needs sharpening (but no biggie), and the pliers and screw driver parts work pretty good.  Not a giant tool, but something handy for small jobs – and who doesn’t have them popping up everywhere?

Now for the main item, the one that is going to cost, the one they hope will lead to purchasing the other 7 knives in the set.

The knife, a gut-hook, drop point, non-folder, was disappointing, and here is why:

1.  First thing, stamped right on the blade near the hilt are the words “Made in China” – was hoping for “Made in USA”

2.  Brass finish on hilt, and pitted

3.  Stag handle – while it might be actual bone, not collector quality enough for me

4.  Blade – this is the fun part – unevenly ground edge, 1/4 inch on one side tapering to about 1/16th inch near the tip of the blade.  The other side wavered from 1/8th inch to 1/16th inch from hilt to tip.  As far as being sharp, the gut hook was extremely sharp, while the blade itself was rough and dull.

Ultimately I mailed the knife back, which cost $6.95 but figure with the nice t-shirt and mini multi-tool I came out ahead.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Pure Gun Talk

Looking for Pure Gun Talk?  Look no further.

As you can see, I frequent a lot of forums.  Most are survival related with guns thrown in the mix.  Pure Gun Talk is just guns.  We talk about what we have/wish to have, what we like/dislike, what others like and suggestions for those that are looking for what to have and like for themselves.

Bill has set up a simple site (well setting one up isn’t really simple, but …) for those that wish to simply talk and help others that have questions.  Recently a Reloading section has been added for those interested in starting (as I am doing) to reload, advice for those that have questions and as time goes on – swapping secrets (maybe), likes/dislikes concerning dies and what not.

Stop by and give Pure Gun Talk a look, maybe I’ll see you there:


Have a blessed day, I certainly am.

SSG Nasty

The Gun Tool has arrived

Putting the tool to work was great.  Everything I needed was right in my hand.  I was able to adjust the rear sight of my 1911 (although a hammer and punch was needed to slide the rear sight into the desired position).

The true use of most of the components of the Gun Tool came with my TC Encore.  I was able to take it completely apart, including scope and mount and put it back together again.  Not something I will do all the time of course.

This tool has replaced a small packet of tools about the size of a pencil box that I usually carry in my range bag.  Now I can carry it on my belt.

Overall I was very pleased with the performance of this tool.  Now to see what else I can get my hands on to test and work with.  Until next time.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Field test of Dead On Targets

Here are pictures from my Dead On Target testing:

The pack of 20 all spread out. They are 4.69 inches across and .024 inches.

As you can see, they are pretty flexible.

Head shot with .223/55 grains/100 yards.

Center mass with 7.62x54r/182 grains/at 100 yards.

More .223′s/55 grain/Remington steel case/at 100 yards.

This target will see more range time. The slight damage was done with a .25 Auto/50 grains/at 15 yards.

This damage was caused by a .45 auto/230 grains/at 15 yards. As you can see this target is wasted, but that was my intention.

As you can see by the above pictures, these targets will last a long time if you are Dead On. Even with off center shots, they would still be useful another day.

All in all, I was pleased with them. The only problem you will have is, without a scope, the front post on your iron sights will cover the target at 100 yards. That was a small problem and did not stop me from putting rounds on target.

These targets were stapled in place and the staples did not split or crack the target. At only $7.99 a pack, I would have no problem picking up a pack or two.

That ends this test. Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty

Happy Holidays

Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is fast approaching.  Hope everyone is doing okay.

Got a few projects in the works right now and hopefully will have some stuff tested and written up here for your reading pleasure.  Sure has been a busy last couple of months for me.  Might just have to win the lottery so I can quit work and just catch up at home, in the field, on the range and here at Nasty’s Corner.

Have a blessed day, I certainly am

SSG Nasty