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Marijuana equals money

Let’s start with this:

Now this could be slightly over rated as to how much money could actually be made with the legalization of marijuana so let’s look at some issues that are brought up in the article.

Could $113 million be possible?  If you are just talking about the amount of money in taxes alone that will be collected – this sum could be very likely.  The taxes charged would go directly to the government so if sales are good, $113 million might be easy to get.

Since there will probably be a mark up in the price for an ounce, this mark up could very well take care of expenditures like:

- more marijuana to sell

- wages

- shop expenses – like rent, utilities, license to sell fees, and mundane stuff like counters, storage units for the marijuana, cash register, etc.

I’m sure there are other expenses but let’s go with these for now.

Would it be possible to get a grant to help an individual get started in this business?

Feel free to chime in with remarks.

Have a great day, I certainly am.

SSG Nasty

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