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Recently ordered some washer machine parts.  The company I ordered from uses FedEx as their shipper.  Ordered the parts on a Saturday, Monday they were on their way to Phoenix and as of the following day (Tuesday) they were listed as in the Phoenix office as of 5:25pm.  The expected delivery date was on Wednesday by close of business and come Friday, still no package had arrived.

Called the 1-800-463-3339 number and the fun started.  Apparently they are unable to read the tracking information on the web page, therefore they have no idea what to tell me, other than “We will look into it.”

Well, now it is the next Tuesday (one week later) and they still have no idea as to when I might receive my package.  Therefore I am counting on it arriving sometime in December of 2017.  But I will probably order the parts from another company that hopefully uses someone other than FedEx and possibly have them by the 10th day of the New Year.  Granted, I do understand that this is a busy time of year for these types of companies, but……  And I did only pay $8.50 for the shipping so maybe I shouldn’t expect miracles.

SSG Nasty

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