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I found this group while perusing the internet.  They have a deal where you can sign up and receive Fishing Test Kits every month.  Currently I have the 3 month deal going on and just renewed for another 3 months. Each kit is said to have over $35 of fishing related items in it.  You […]

Update on my sharpening stones

I was able to get to work on an old double bit axe head that I found.  The new stone from PCH did a nice job so far in just getting a fairly decent edge to take shape.  Now to just pick up a new handle for it. Did some touch up work on my […]

New Site

SSG Nasty has a new site.  Here at Nastys Corner I am going to be looking at some new products and telling ya’ll what I think. I will also be talking about some sites that I frequent and hopefully everyone will at least take a gander at them. Many thanks to the fine folks at […]

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