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Dan’s Depot Part II

Today I received my Silva Polaris Compass from Dan’s Depot.  SwampCat8 was sponsoring a giveaway for 5 of these little gems courtesy of Dan’s Depot.  My thanks go out to SwampCat8 and Dan’s Depot. If you haven’t checked out Dan’s Depot yet, all I can say is click on the link below and get busy: […]

Dan’s Depot

Here is another forum that I have had the opportunity of becoming a part of.  They are a very giving bunch of guys and gals.  Many contests pop up with various items to win. The forum is quite active and free of drama.  Look it over and see if maybe this is a place […]

Arizona Firearms Forum

For all you Arizona friends that are looking for a friendly group, this just might be the answer you have been looking for: I have only recently found this site myself and am quite pleased with what I have seen.  On the 23rd of June 2012, they are hosting a meet/greet/have fun shooting event. […]

A word to the wise

As I have stated, I am a member of quite a few “survivalist” sites and except for one have had no problems.  The one site that seems to be full of itself is one called Bushcraft USA.  It is a very good site as far as information concerning different types of gear goes, but they […]

Survival Headquarters

This site touts itself to be the “friendliest” site on the internet.  There is a lot of truth to that statement.  The owner of the site, Templar, has a nice setup here.  This is a fairly new site, but is growing pretty steadily.  Stop by and look them over.  Just click on Survival Headquarters in […]

US Survival News

This particular survival forum is hoping to grow. I am online at this site daily and usually by myself. The owner, Rick, is currently active duty Army which is keeping him quite busy at the moment. One of our current members, Amanda, is quite active with posting links for all sorts of weather anomalies. I […]