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Inauguration of Donald Trump

Okay, let me put this out there for all you stupid (yes, I said the s word) people.  Donald Trump is now President Donald Trump.  Like it or not. Apparently breaking windows of business’ is supposed to stop it from happening.  News flash!!!!!  It still happened.  All you have managed to do is cause hardship […]

Marijuana equals money

Let’s start with this: Now this could be slightly over rated as to how much money could actually be made with the legalization of marijuana so let’s look at some issues that are brought up in the article. Could $113 million be possible?  If you are just talking about the amount of money in […]

Affordable Health Care Plan

Whether you call it the “Affordable Health Care Plan” or “ObamaCare”, I have a few questions. First let me preface this by saying this: As long as they leave my Tricare Health Plan alone, I will be fine.  Now on to my questions: 1.  Just how affordable is the new plan? After careful calculation I […]

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