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A word to the wise

As I have stated, I am a member of quite a few “survivalist” sites and except for one have had no problems.  The one site that seems to be full of itself is one called Bushcraft USA.  It is a very good site as far as information concerning different types of gear goes, but they are quite fanatical when it comes to someone trying to be friendly.

Case in point:  They have an unwritten rule that you can only welcome 5 newbies to the site.  So if 6 or 7 show up in one day, you will get a warning.  Banishment will soon follow when you question the rationale behind this.  You will also be warned if you welcome someone from the previous day or two.  I was told that this is looked upon as “padding” your post count.

I suppose that some people’s ego is bolstered with a high post count, but then again dealing with the ego’s of this sites moderators is a fun experience.  Even though I am banned, I can still view the site and read the gear reviews that I want to.  The site in question can be found at the following address:

Have a blessed day, because I certainly am.


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