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Update on my sharpening stones

I was able to get to work on an old double bit axe head that I found.  The new stone from PCH did a nice job so far in just getting a fairly decent edge to take shape.  Now to just pick up a new handle for it. Did some touch up work on my […]

This just in from Publishers Clearing House

Don’t know about the rest of the world, but I receive opportunities to win various sweepstakes through regular mail and email.  Of course they always want you to purchase something but your entry is accepted anyway.  Just waiting to win one of these days (I can always hope). Well, a few weeks ago they had […]

Survival Headquarters

This site touts itself to be the “friendliest” site on the internet.  There is a lot of truth to that statement.  The owner of the site, Templar, has a nice setup here.  This is a fairly new site, but is growing pretty steadily.  Stop by and look them over.  Just click on Survival Headquarters in […]

US Survival News

This particular survival forum is hoping to grow. I am online at this site daily and usually by myself. The owner, Rick, is currently active duty Army which is keeping him quite busy at the moment. One of our current members, Amanda, is quite active with posting links for all sorts of weather anomalies. I […]